What's my secret?


Many of your clients say that they can go much longer between colors than with other stylists. What is your secret?

Ah, this is my secret! Thank you for asking.

I really work hard to know my clients. That’s important to me. Whether I am with a new client or valued client I have shared a few decades with, I always stay attuned to their needs. I love color that is natural even if it as far away from what would be called their natural hair color. I use techniques and formulas designed to wear well with minimal upkeep.

First of all, I rarely use one color. Instead, my process includes blending multiple colors in the same range to create an incredibly natural look that is unique to that person. This allows for a more natural grow out as there is not simply one line of color that people see. It means that my clients don’t have to come into the salon every few weeks for a touch up (unless they want to) .

When a client is in my chair and we see their desires come to life- it’s like they own this new color. It wears well on them. My goal is to give you a color that is a perfect fit. Please call today or visit my page to schedule an appointment.

- Danielle