Danielle Shares Her Work and Life Philospohy

danielle self.jpg

As a child I had a perpetual smile on my face, 
my heart filled with life’s wonder and beauty

Fascinated with the human experience, I became an observer, a quiet study to the grace and beauty of the body and all it encompasses. The complexity of this beautiful form that houses our soul and spirit, that moves, expands, grows and changes. The wonder of how the body heals, thinks, feels and is capable of creating and sustaining life. How every person is different yet the same. A unique beauty that each of us behold and how that beauty is a hidden gem or a shining diamond. Endless possibilities, discovering what drives us and/or inhabits us to connect, to share, and love.

Life is a gift and our amazing body is the vessel in which we experience this world.

I am Danielle Richardson, founder and visionary of D.Rich Biz Inc. where my biz is serving you on the path to self-discovery of your personal beauty of body, mind and spirit.

I help you connect the dots in creating the more beautiful you you seek, offering services, products, and resources that align with your goal.

I’m on a mission of changing hearts and opening minds, making your world a more beautiful place to exist.

I believe that when we can look ourselves in the eye and say “I love you for everything you are and everything you do” and mean it, feel it, and rejoice in it, that is the moment we empower change within our life that radiates out into the world.

Let’s make that change together.

-Danielle Richardson