Hair cuts

Danielle Richardson Testimonial- "My Favorite Hairstylist in the World."

julie shaved white top Danielle.jpg

Danielle has been my stylist for over ten years. I do a lot of video and public speaking work where my hair needs to represent my punk loving style and yet be professional at the same time.

Danielle is a master hair cutter and colorist who can work with even the most difficult hair. I often say- "I want to do blue this time or let's go back to the basics and only do blond highlights." I can also go a lot longer between cut and colors with Danielle as she is a magician. I don't know how else to describe what she can do! I recommend her to all of my friends and she has cut my mother's hair for many years as well. I always feel better after spending time with Danielle. She has a good spirit. This is important when you’re spending hours with someone!

Here is our latest style! My hair is shaved and styled underneath so that I can look professional with the hair down and a bit more edgy when I pull it into a bun.


Danielle julie one aqua streak smile 2019.JPG